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Hi Team,

I got an request to set lock screen image on windows devices. So we have pushed the lock screen image ( which is placed in amazon blob ) through Intune Device Restriction profile ( lock Screen ).

We observed the profile ( lock screen image ) is deployed only to the 50 percent of machines and rest all failed. The error ( Personalizationlockscreenimagestatus is failed ) shows under profile status.

The image is not getting downloading on failed machines,

Kindly help



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    Hi Anoop,

    Yes I checked the registry entry,
    for success machine – dword value was 1 ( where downloaded successfully ) and image downloaded locally.
    for failed machine – dword value is 3 ( where downloaded failed ) and image couldnt download.

    We tried re-deploying the profile, but the status is same.
    Any reason why it not getting downloaded on end machines. It is succeeded on 1500 machines and failed on 1500 machines.
    Any other troubleshooting would help.

    • Sorry I can’t predict the reason apart from troubleshooting and checking the event logs to understand whether any errors are there or not related this deployment

      Also worth comparing both failed successful devices to understand why it’s failing on those devices

      Windows version or anyother policy is blocking this policy in those 1500 devices

      Best answer
  1. There is no easy way to find a solution for this

    I think you need to check the event logs and registry entries


    Also compare both working and nonworking devices to understand the issue in more details

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