Pulse Secure VPN client Upgrade


Hi Experts,

I need to upgrade Pluse secure client for all sysetms using intune. Since the some of the system Pluse client in use wanted to make sure smooth sucess upgrade of Plusesecure client.

I got the below url and step which seems indicate to two packge.. Could you please simplifly to create packge Pluse secure client upgrade throug Intune ?

Pulse Install via Intune with config file from pulsesecure

Create a Win32 app without the CONFIGFILE property (i.e. msiexec.exe /i “PulseSecure.x64.msi”)
• Create a new folder with only the pulsepreconfig file.
• Create a .cmd file with the below command
“”C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesPulse SecureJamUIjamCommand.exe” -importfile <ConfigName>.pulsepreconfig
echo “Pulse config imported successfully” > C:WindowsTempPulse-Config.txt”
• Create the Win32 app using the .cmd file.
• Upload to Intune and Use the detection of “C:WindowsTempPulse-Config.txt” as the detection rule.
• Set the Pulse Secure Client as a dependency to the config file.

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  1. I think you can create an Intune Win32 package to deploy this.

    Have you already tried https://www.anoopcnair.com/intune-win32-app-deployment/

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