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does anyone have an understanding of how the Quality update deferral period works. I currently set the deferral for out production systems to 5 days. but i don’t know when that 5 days occurs. is that 5 days after patch Tuesday or a generic number say after the system sees that update as available.

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  1. I hope that was for the first time. After that WUfB will respect the setting of 5 days delay every month.

    It’s documented https://snipboard.io/hPVd49.jpg

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  2. To answer your question -(if understand correct) – The count down starts from the day when the Windows 10 device receives the policy

    • so would that mean each month i have to create a new policy so that patches get delayed. I am trying to set things up similar to sccm where i have a pilot group for the patches that are applied right away then production gets it a week later. so i thought if i set the differ to 7 days each month 7 days after patches come out it will install.

  3. I think I have explained this in HTMD MI-22Intune Windows 10 Update & Feature Rings Troubleshooting How to Pause Quality Updates

    Have you had a chance look into it?

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