queries related to IOS device restrictions


>block removing apps , so if we have blocked app store so what’s the use of block removing apps ?

>Wireless section – roaming vs cellular vs wifi

>Configure cosmetic settings like home screen layout, lock screen message

>what will be asset tag information  under lock screen message ?

i have gone through the article but couldnt understand much, if admin can answer in layman language.


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    yes, we would like to set company wallpaper on ios devices as same as windows 10 devices.
    so for that we have to upload a link so how do we create that link and from where ?

  1. Some of these settings are only available for supervised iOS devices. I think if you take an iOS device and test it yourself to understand all these better.

    App store related question – I think it’s clearly explained in https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/mem/intune/configuration/device-restrictions-ios .

    Asset Tags – can be For example, enter Owned by HTMD or Serial Number: {{serialnumber}}. This is for identifying the device without unlocking the device.

    Configure cosmetic settings – Is this clear? If you want to set your companies wall paper, lock screen similar to Windows 10 devices?

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