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Query regards to an app deployment.

Our security team are using separate portal for the deploying an antivirus software to windows devices. They manage pushing latest software using their Own portal.

In Intune, there was old version of same app was configured which was  targeted to limited devices some time back.  The settings in detection rule was set to static version as (  Registry – > Display version – > String comparison – > Equals – > 4.3.1 ( says for eg ) ).

I need to change the detection rule accordingly whenever they update new version using the antivirus portal, the devices which are targeted in Intune should not be affected.

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    Hello Alex, What’s the behavior of the antivirus product, Is this overlapping static registry in the same location when are you performing the upgrade?

    You don’t want to update the old version also which was the earlier part of deployment with Intune! Please help me a bit to understand your complete scenario.

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