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Hi Team,

We are enrolling our Windows devices to Azure AD via settings -> access school or work.

After joining the machines to domain, we observed that the auto enrollment is not happening with Intune console. We have to wait for 1-2 hours and some time we wait even longer , the auto enrollment won’t happen.  In such cases, we do manual enrollment by downloading the company portal app from MS store. This is happening 3 out of 10 machines, not with all machines.

Have checked the MS store for business is also synched to Latest.

Any idea, why the auto enrollment is missing on few machines.

Please advise, if any suggestion would help.





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  1. Have you made sure the Auto Enrollment option is configured from Azure AD portal (MDM/MAM section)?

    Also you need to make sure that the appropriate user groups are part of the Auto enrollment configuration in Azure AD blade.


      Hi Anoop,

      Yes the auto enrollment is configured in Azure portal and set to ” All ” devices.
      Sorry , the device is getting registered to Intune console after AAD joined.
      But after joined to AAD domain, we don’t see the Company Portal Online ( MS Store ) is not getting installed as expected. It takes long hours or sometime not.
      In such case, we need to manually install the app after wait for couple hours which is more effort. This is the request from customer which is involves manual effort.

      Our concern is: After the machine has joined domain, we expect the company portal app should be deployed in few mins.


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