Question regarding App Deployment with Intune, Dedicated Devices to Deployed some Apps

Hi all,
Quick question regarding app deployment with intune.
I have some dedicated devices that I have deployed some apps too.
Now I need to uninstall from one tablet to troubleshoot some stuff.
I have put that particular tablet in a group and added it to uninstall on that app.
But it seems that the install group that is included on required is taking precedence.
So my question is:
If I put exclude on the installation group on required and put it as included on “available on all enrolled devices” will the exclusion on the required force a uninstall of the app on all devices or will it just stop installing it on new devices added?
Posted by Elvis Arslanovic in HTMD FB Group

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    Replied by Bikash Mishra

    Need to create a separate group with exclude parameter and add the machine which will precedence the machine from the included need to remove it from the included group.


    Replied by Phil Brown

    No, exclude groups take precedence over include groups

    Replied by Walter Baymax Fraser

    Uninstall should take precedence
    if it’s not open up a ticket with MS support


    Replied by Phil Brown

    Elvis Arslanovic creates a new group. Add your test device to that group. Then add the new group as a ‘excluding’
    Leave the existing ‘include’ group in place

    Replied by Elvis Arslanovic

    Phil Brown, should I remove the device from the current group?

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