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Hi Team,

We have plan to deploy some automation profiles and few apps only to newly enrolled devices ( say like from date 14th sep 21 ).

Plan is to deploy to device groups. Can this be achieved by dynamic group ? please advise if any.

please share your ideas and sample file if any.



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  1. Just to add on I don’t think there is any property that is exposed in AAD device properties to create an Azure AD dynamic device group based on enrollment date. You can try to use Autopilot custom field to embed the date and use that if you are using Autopilot More details ->

  2. some automation profiles and few apps … it depends whether those policy settings are really device based or user based … If those are used based then it will wait for users profile to get created at the first place then install ..even though you deploy it device group.

    You can build dynamic device group based on many device properties like display name etc…. One example is here for Windows 11 devices based on OS version

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