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Hi All,

Hey! The “Required” Win32 app is not reinstalling after I uninstall it (for testing). I checked the detection rules, assignments, etc, and everything seems correct. I tried multiple syncs and reboots. It’s been 6 hours now, but I see nothing.
How do I force the app reinstallation without manually deleting the IME registry keys?

Posted by Anonymous member in HTMD FB Group

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  1. Replied by Anonymous member

    Simon Hardy That I’m unsure, most likely not. But, end users will not have the patience to wait for hours or a day to reinstall an app, and since these are required apps, it’s not available for them to install from the company portal.

    Replied by Chris Evans

    This is a very good question. The system should recheck by the detection method and without admin intervention. It worked perfectly fine in SCCM.

    Replied by Joe Bowers

    Replied by Anonymous member

    Joe Bowers, yeah, thanks. That’s the reason I mentioned “without deleting IME registry keys”

  2. Replied by Dharmesh Ahire

    By default, it will try the next day.
    Delete the GUIDs that you see in HKLMsoftwareMicrosoftintune management extensionwin32 apps
    Then restart the Intune management extension service…this works for me

    Replied by Anonymous member

    Thanks. I’m aware of deleting the IME reg keys. Still, I’m looking for a way to do this without manually deleting the keys since it’s not feasible in a remote environment. Also, end users will not have the patience to wait for one day to reinstall the app, especially if the app is not available in the company portal.

    Replied by Simon Hardy

    Is it even being attempted? If not, Intune hasn’t figured out yet that it’s not installed on the device.
    Back in the early days, this relied on the full inventory, which only happened every 7 days regardless of how many times you mashed that sync button…..there were tricks to make it happen sooner, such as removing and re-adding the target group. Not sure what the situation is today, but I seem to recall it did improve.

  3. Replied by Lạc Hồ

    You can adjust the app and give it a higher version number. It may have another session of reinstalling the app

    Replied by Anonymous member

    Lạc Hồ I can, but I don’t think that’s the best practice whenever there is a reinstall failure

    Replied by Sean Bravener

    Lạc Hồ, if you look in the install history in the company portal, do you see the app as saying installed? If so, numjnstancing the version is the best way as it sees the installation already successful.

    Replied by Lạc Hồ

    Sean Bravener yes, but it’s not for me, it is for the owner of this post

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