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Hi Everyone,

I have lots of query in my mind.

In case the device is stolen or lost and the device is not connected

can we apply the security to the SIM card or can encrypt the card…

I am looking for another method than deletion, and number of attempts..

can i according to sim’s number if its changed the company will be notified and delete the data from the device

puting a usb cable can steal data so we have to verify anything that can be connected to the device

I like to know all the method used when the phone is stolen to protect the data of company.


Rahul Bhardwaj

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    I hope you are dealing with a security team who doesn’t know the difference between corp data and personal data…

    May I ask what is the security risk here? you can initiate and whenever the device gets connected it will initiate the action

    and I don’t think outlook contacts and all can be copied to SIM it’s part of a different container altogether that data will get destroyed automatically with the help of above-mentioned policies /action

    so to be honest with you, don’t worry about complex solutions. IMHO it’s just over engineering because of some security team 🙂

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