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When a Windows device is deleted from Intune, the device is reset and enrolled back again, it’s back in its direct group memberships before it was deleted. Is this expected behaviour?
Posted by Chris Evans in HTMD FB Group

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  1. Replied by Paulie Left


    Replied by Chris Evans

    If a device is wiped, deleted from Intune, and re-enrolled into Intune, the device remains in the group’s yes because it still exists in Entra. So how are you managing this, for example, the device is enrolled with a new user, but you don’t want those ‘legacy’ groups back with it. Deleting from Entra means it must be deleted from Autopilot first, which is not ideal at all. I suppose it’s a case of careful planning with device group membership.

  2. Replied by Per Larsen

    That depends on how you do it.
    If you delete a device in the Intune admin centre, it is only a softdelete – so if the same device comes in again with the same identifier. Then the answer is yes.

    Replied by Mathieu Ait Azzouzene

    Have you deleted the device from Autopilot/Entra too?

    Replied by Sean Bravener

    If you delete the device in Intune but not entra, then yes, this is expected. This is generated by entra, and that is what determines membership. If the guild is the same, the membership is the same.

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