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I have a customer who has SCCM with an external partner.

They want to go manage the devices to Intune.
But the SCCM cannot be accessed.
In this scenario where we cannot access the SCCM configuration, to perform co-managed.
How can we migrate the devices that are managed by SCCM directly to Intune?

Should we first uninstall the SCCM agent from the devices and then enroll it in Intune?
Can we launch the uninstallation of the SCCM agent by GPO and then enroll in Intune?
What would be the best way to perform this procedure?


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    I really need to know if it is possible to uninstall the SCCM client on the devices, by GPO or scripting and once uninstalled, make them Hybrid and enroll them in Intune.

    We do not have access to the SCCM because it is managed by another third party company and they do not allow us to manage it, they have problems with the end customer of internal businesses. internal problems between companies. LOL

    Then it is impossible for us to access the SCCM to be able to administer it.


    It’s a tricky situation. Can you use VPN to connect back to SCCM?

    Another option could be Deploy PPKG Files Using Intune

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