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Hi guys,
I have a question about testing iPads for school use. I set up a profile for “Enroll without User Affinity,” and after the whole process of connecting to the Mac, dealing with Apple School Manager, assigning to the MDM server, and setting up the enrollment profile in the Intune portal, I waited 30 minutes, restore the iPad, and set up the Wi-Fi. It joins our system fine, but when logging in, it gives the option for an Apple ID or signing in as a guest, with only around 16GB of storage as a guest.
Any tips on the best way to set up iPads for shared student use? And if there’s an easier way to enrol them in Apple School Manager and assign the enrollment profile, I’m all ears.
Thanks for your time!

Replied by  Abdul Shikdar in HTMD FB Group

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  1. Replied by Jumrat Boonjaroen

    I have experience with iPhone 5S with ABM and Intune. But use single user per device

    Replied by Abdul Shikdar

    Jumrat Boonjaroen, thanks for sharing. I have had a read through it before . in my chase, I want to have managed devices where the pupil in school can use it, and there’s no user assigned to it at all

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    Replied by Shaun Parker

    We don’t enrol them in Apple School Manager; we just use that for app purchases. Enrol them into Intune and create a configuration profile group & student apps, and setting group. Then you can deploy the required apps to devices. Use the configuration manager on Mac to install the blueprint. This does mean they don’t sign in to the iPads, though, so you won’t know who is using which device. Never been an issue though

    Replied by Jumrat Boonjaroen

    Follow, Maybe use the shared device model>…/device-enrollment-program…

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