Shared Network Mapping inIntune


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I have few queries on configuring network shared drive on Intune. I have followed the below link and did the configuration, however i still have few settings that needs to be done but am not finding solution anywhere.

Both ADMX policy and network Map profile working as expected from Intune ,but when network drive profile is applied on device, it is showing as Red cross mark, after opening the drive it is showing online and cross mark gone. Please help on this. and how to disable the notification when it is not connected.

Can you please give some example’s to add multiple Drives into single profile.

Thanks in Advance


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    Hello Bharat, As per the policies design, you will not immediately see the drive in Windows Explorer. You will need to sign out and back into Windows or restart the explorer.exe process via task manager.

    Does it appearing with an Offline status symbol (Red Cross) to all the machines where you targeted or any specific you observing this!

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