SSO enablement for ABM devices


hello admins,

just want to know how to enable SSO at the time of enrolment for ABM devices.

On consumer iPhones, AppleID is required to download apps – I don’t know if the same requirement exists for work-managed devices.

The idea behind this SSO is that the users don’t have to sign into their personal AppleID/iCloud accounts to download apps and access other iPhone features.
If there are other ways around this problem, please do suggest.

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    Hello Anool Sir,

    I have gone through this article but I am looking for SSO at the time of DEP enrollment.

  1. Have you already checked “Microsoft Enterprise SSO plug-in”. I think this plugin provides SSO experience upto some point.
    You can use it for apps and websites that use AAD authentication. I think there is an Microsoft Authenticator app dependency also there.

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