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Mdm authority is intune, device is not showing under intune portal or azure portal.its an ios device..but the device is showing under office 365 portal.. now customer has clicked on remove company data but device is still showing up and last check in is 30th june 2020. So would like to know if this is a stale entry how can we remove it or if the device is not checked in with intune. Till when retire or wipe entry will try to check for the affected device. Any reference article will also work.

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    Still waiting dor the response

  1. Hello, Here you can check the below reference link & update if any further queries.



      This article seems more of windows devices. Actuslly the devuce entry is just showing up in offoce 365 portal and device last checked in is of june 2020. So now how can we remove the stale entry from office 365 portal? 2nd query is that till when the device action will try to take an effect for the affected device if the device has not been checked in? I mean is there any time frame for device action if the device has not been checked in

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