Azure AD static and dynamic query


In real time scenario what type of query we will use dynamic/static?

as static is for particular number of users in what scenarios we will use ?

dynamic in general we will use for application deployment if I am not wrong

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  1. You can use Azure Dynamic and Static groups in many scenarios.

    – User Group (Dynamic) – You have a LOB app that should be deployed only to those particular LOB users. You can create a dynamic user group based on the Department attribute of the AAD user account. You can use it to deploy group policy settings as well.

    – Device Group (Dynamic) – As I mentioned in today’s section, you can use it to create personal devices, corporate devices, etc.. and deploy applications or policies to AAD device groups.

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  2. Hello Sriram, It depends on your requirements how would you want to manage. I will recommend you to check the latest Tutorial By Anoop on

    Azure AD Static Groups Azure AD Dynamic Groups for Intune Mgmt –

    Reference link –

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