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Where can I study power shell scripting for Intune . Do I need to make my own scripts or copy from Microsoft website

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    Replied by Lạc Hồ

    First keyword: run power shell silently

    Replied by Sean Kinnee

    You can learn powershell from myriad places. InTune is just one of many places that it can be used.
    You can craft your own scripts or copy them from MS (or wherever)… but I’d advise that you learn enough power shell to know what you’re copy/pasting before you use it.

    Replied by David Olvera

    You don’t study power shell for Intune, you study power shell and once you have the basics you can make your scripts for Intune.


    Fore More Details Uninstall Windows Update with Intune PowerShell Scripts

    Replied by Peter Cashen

    ChatGPT is your friend

    Replied by Lạc Hồ

    Peter Cashen it’s so real

    Replied by Uli Paiz

    Learn Power shell in a months worth of lunches fourth edition. Learn the basics

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