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Hi Expert,

I am facing challenges that system are not getting frequently rebooted and due to that system does not communicate properly with security tools.

Is there anyway to set a reminder and then after next day ask for force reboot if the user has not reboot his system in last 1 week using Intune ?

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    If you have a script to do a scheduled reboot, then Intune will help you to deploy that script to Intune-managed devices.

    I don’t know of any other particular configuration in Intune to make the system restart. This is apart from Software update reboots.

    I don’t think it’s a great idea to restart the PCs to solve some connectivity issues. I think it’s better to troubleshoot and understand what is the root cause of the connectivity issue if you like.


      Appreciate your quick response.

      Actually the requirement is to reboot the system after security tool agent install but user don;t do that thats why looking for another option to get that completed without any issue.

      Is it possible to deploy the script as re-occurrence or repeated task as we did in SCCM deployment ?

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