The csp SetDisableUXWUAccess And SetDisablePauseUXAccess when applied don’t work


The policy SetDisableUXWUAccess created in intune does disable the windows update scan on the devices but when another policy SetDisablePauseUXAccess is created/deployed in intune, the end result is pause updates feature is disabled while windows update scan features was turn on/enabled. The same was observed when the policies were applied in other way.

the polices work perfectly when deployed as individuals but run into issue if there are multiple policies applied

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    Since these are different policies, one to disable windows update scan and other to disable pause there shouldn’t be conflict which the intune console confirms.
    The conflict arise if the same policies is deployed but in this case they are different policies, not sure if this is vm issue or policy issue


    Yes I have explained in the free intune training videos
    You need to manually remove the conflicting policies

    Try checking event logs and registry as mentioned in the below video

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