The Next Generation of Windows Autopilot is Available Now


Hi All,

The next generation of Windows Autopilot is now official! Autopilot device
preparation makes it easier to prepare and set up devices for your organization. This new feature from Microsoft improves device deployment and ensures they are correctly configured for use within your organization.
No Hardware Hash
Assign apps and Policies without dynamic group
Streamlined deployment

Posted by Joost Gelijsteen in HTMD FB Group

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    Replied by Joost Gelijsteen

    I can definitely hear you Version 1 works like a charm. But where MSFT is going to with this and the new company portal it’s worth to look into it

    Replied by David Olvera

    I’m going to need to read more deeply into this topic; I still don’t understand how devices are added to the dynamic group.

    Replied by Joost Gelijsteen

    David Olvera there is no dynamic group anymore


    Replied by Tijaun Daniel

    Also autopilot hash is not required.

    Replied by Joost Gelijsteen

    We need to discuss this offline I think

    Replied by Tijaun Daniel

    Joost Gelijsteen No worries. There may be some items enabled in console like preview but some of these things are not better changes and just feels like one from MS standpoint to make 4 guys job, 1 guys job.


    For More Details Autopilot without Device Hash Upload AVD Windows 365 Support and Real Progress Bar

    Replied by Tijaun Daniel

    After reading, this new way sucks much worse than the old way. Also the picture is incorrect as we don’t want to target users but devices when applying policy.

    Replied by Joost Gelijsteen

    Tijaun Daniel what do mean about the picture. Do I need to change anything? The policy is targeted to users always. Then the devices will be added to the device group automatically.
    Policies like security baselines and applications are targeted to that device group
    My experience is also a little bit different this has a big potential it’s much faster and better user experience

    Replied by Tijaun Daniel

    Joost Gelijsteen in this image, everything on the RIGHT is BETTER than that on the left. Why would I want to be limited? V2 basically puts everything in MS basket whether I like it or not and reduces the granularity of the setup as I would know all the moving parts.

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