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Hi All,

Due to a change in the company structure, some users will leave for another company.
They will take their old notebooks with them. What will happen with the Office 365 apps that were installed via Intune?
Is the user still able to work? Please advise

Posted by Frans Kluijtmans in HTMD FB Group

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  1. Replied by Steven McKenzie

    They will probably need to be removed from Intune so they can be deployed in new Tennant down the track. But yes, m365 won’t be uninstalled

    Replied by Mathieu Ait Azzouzene

    M365 apps won’t be uninstalled, so if the device is joined to a new tenant and the user has an o365 license, it will be fine

    Replied by Satya Singh

    If tenants are the same they can access it

    Replied by Richard Barnes…/overview-licensing…

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