To add an iOS store app in conditional access policy ( via selected app )


Hi Team,

One of the iOS store app not able to access via corporate id. ( installed fine ). The device is enrolled fine and managed by Intune.

I suspect some conditional access policy is blocking up this access.

I would like to know, I was trying to add the given iOS store app in one of the conditional access policy with option ” selected apps “, but couldn’t fine. ( It was added successfully in the iOS – App List ).

Not sure how we can enable the iOS store app in the conditional access ” selected app ” list.

Please advise.

Answers ( 2 )

  1. You can’t add your apps that are visible in Intune portal

    Conditional access policy is available for applications available in azure ad enterprise apps


      Thanks Anoop,
      So only if apps are added into the azure ad enterprise apps, only those apps can be managed from conditional access policy. In that case there is no option to add that app to exclude group also I believe.

      Any suggestion how we can make it to work, this is iOS store app need to login with corportate id , which is not letting now to login.


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