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Hi Team,

I have got a request to block the url link ” “, which is currently accessible from unmanaged devices.

Could you please if this is possible to achieve by AD/ Intune CA ? If so please advise.



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  1. Just checked Enterprise apps /Cloud apps .. I couldn’t find anything related to myapps… did you try to create a dummy enterprise app with same URL and try to appy CA?

    But why you want to block in that way …. there could some better way to restrict access from non-managed devices … I don’t know… may be from ADFS or via some other authetication method


      Hi Anoop,

      Thanks for your reply.
      Now the link is pointing to ” ” ( I guess earlier it was ( ).
      My customer have published some internal apps through the above URL.
      The URL is accessible from unmanaged devices also when we Sign In using our credentials.
      My customer wants is, the URL should be accessible from managed devices and not from unmanaged devices.
      Hence the request has come to me.
      1, Is it possible to achieve via Intune CA or Azure CA ?

      Please advise.

  2. Is this explained in the following blog post to block access to site with Azure AD Conditional access :-

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