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Hi Team,

We are in co-management environment , windows updates are managed by SCCM.

We are seeing few of our windows devices are receiving monthly patching automatically even before we deploy them from SCCM.

We are planning to block this automatic windows update on all client machines. Please how we can achieve this via Intune ?



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    Go to devices — >Update ring for Windows 10 and later — > To set the quality update deferral period and Feature update deferral period.

    And You can also set deadline for feature updates and quality updates.
    Here you can specify number of days user has before feature and quality updates are installed on their device automatically.

    While creating a Update ring there are lots of options to explore.


      Thanks Raghav,

      We are in co-management and CMG environment , our updates are managed by SCCM monthly basis.

      Our concern is, we need to have full control of managing the updates only via SCCM. This setting should not stop updating the devices which is happening via SCCM.

      Setting deferral period will there be any impact downloading the monthly patches via SCCM ?


        We have two SCCM infra for different zones.

        To manage the updates from SCCM you can also try Windows 10 Servicing option from SCCM.

        As you are managing updates from sccm that means windows update workload is not shifted to Intune.

        You can try Windows 10 Servicing option.
        There we have option to defer the updates.

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