To enable media pack in Windows 10 enterprise N version ( 1909 )


Hi Team,

We support china location where they use OS ” 1909 – Windows Enterprise N “.

Got request to enable media pack feature in OS which is part of build using some automation method.

We have SCCM and Intune, co-managed environment. We tried to enable via some PS scripts using, No luck. Below is one eg. Manually it some time works and some time doesn’t.

Get-WindowsCapability -online | Where-Object -Property name -like “*mediafeaturepack*” | Add-WindowsCapability -Online

Any suggestion how we can enable this media pack using Intune.

Please advise.


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  1. Hopefully, you might have already resolved this issue. Closing the ticket. Feel free to comment if you have a feedback.


    Hello Alex, I think the best way to use the command line to enable Media Pack. Same, you can use and create a package with Intune and deploy it to target machines!

    What’s the issue you getting? I’m also seen a similar thread open by you but didn’t get many updates on this.


    Alternatively, only for Windows 10 Version 1903 or lower, Microsoft allows downloading Media Pack inform of .msu.

    Best answer

      Thanks Jitesh, for responding.
      I have tried multiple times pushing the cmd line via PS script, didn’t work. It shows as succeeded in Intune console, but when we check on end machine the media doesn’t get enabled. This is our problem now.

      You mean to push the cmd line as win32 package via Intune ? Let me try this option and update you.

      Yes we are using 1909 version, so downloading and pushing is not an option.


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