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I dont see the option in Intune to extract the settings configured in configuration profile and compliance policies. This settings are needed as an backup or for reference. I believe we can do that by using PS scripts, read some article.

1, Please advise do we have an option to extract in Intune portal itself ?

2, Or if by using PS script, please advise the steps to be followed.



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    I always use it.
    This script back up and restore Intune settings (Policy etc..) via UI that makes more easier.
    As Anoop mentioned, in the backgroud, using Graph API that the same.

    The exported policy is saved as JSON and CSV. Note that the sample Intune script will prompt you to specify the directory where the files are stored, which is probably a mistake. If you import directly with PowerShell, please specify the file name.


    Hello – Yes there are options to back up all your configuration and policies of Intune settings using Graph API.

    Take a look at this

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