To install new PDF software and remove Older version


Hi Team,

I have got an request from our customer to install new PDF software ( PDF Element ) via Intune. And also to remove the Current PDF Software ( Acrobat ) which is installed manually. I will work on pushing the PDF element, its fine.

My query is, we need to remove current pdf version ( acrobat ) which was installed manually first and then install the PDF element via Intune.

Please advise, how to remove the current PDF software which is installed manually and not pushed from Intune.



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    Probably you can handle the uninstallation of previous version by pushing the script from Intune.
    You can also check when you push the latest version of PDF is it upgrading it to the newer version or not.


      Thanks Raghav,
      In our case, previous version is Adobe Acrobat and latest version is PDF Element, it is totally a different product.

      There are multiple version of adobe acrobat have got installed on different machines. Then we need to have multiple scripts for the removal right ?

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