To stop 2004 updates on Windows Devices


Hi Team,

We have Intune environment which is co-managed with sccm for windows update.

How can we stop updating devices automatically to feature update 2004.

Please advise.


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    1. What do you mean by only machines? You need to Pause, then you need to uninstall.
    2. There are two option A. you can have 365 days delay using an update ring policy B. Use Feature update ring and set the policy to stay 1909
    3. If you pause it will impact All the devices in that Software Update policy ring assignment

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      Thanks Anoop for clarifying.

      One more clarification for point 1. sorry will elaborate in better way.

      1. Can we rollback feature update to a selective machines using same update ring uninstall option. ?

      In 2004 version – 25 machines
      In 1909 version – 100 machines

      Assuming all machines are in same group, I want to rollback only 25 machines which is in 2004 to 1909.

      Hope my question is clear now.

  1. Here you go

    HTMD-MI#21Intune Setup Software Update for Business policies for Windows 10 Feature UpdatesBlock

    Day #21
    Setup Software Update for Business policies for Windows 10 Feature Updates
    Intune Policies to block Windows 10 Feature Updates
    Intune Windows 10 Feature Update Ring Creation Process Explained
    Confirm the WUfB policies are coming down from Mobile Device Management Solution
    Intune Windows 10 Quality Update Troubleshooting with Event Logs
    Intune Windows 10 Feature Update Troubleshooting with registry Entries
    WUfB Registry Entry – Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsUpdate\UpdatePolicy\PolicyState
    WUfB Event Log 1 – Policy – Microsoft-Windows-DeviceManagement-Enterprise-Diagnostics-Provider/Admin
    WUfB Event Log 2 – WUA – Microsoft-Windows-WindowsUpdateClient/Operational

    More details –


      Thanks Anoop,
      I have gone through episode 21,22.23 , got very good idea about the patch update in Intune.

      I have few clarification, hope you can help.

      1, We are using only update ring policy and not feature update, some machines ( around 25 devices ) in our environment have already updated to 2004 version, how we can rollback to 1909 version only for the 25 devices ?. I have seen in your video, we have option like uninstall feature, but i guess that will apply all to machines right ? please advise.

      2, My understanding is, only way to stop feature update on all devices is by configuring feature update and setting up to particular version ( say for eg: 1909 ) ?

      3, If I pause or extend deferal period for ” feature update ” in update ring, that will stop updating for all devices ( eg 1803 – latest, 1809 to latest ) ? please correct me.

      Thanks for your video it was very useful.

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