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Hi All,

Why is the app I deployed not getting uninstalled?
I can’t understand Include Exclude in Required, Available for Enrolled Devices and Uninstall 🙁
Basically, I want to uninstall an MS Store app that was installed on the device via Intune.
Should I put the Group in Required (Excluded)?
Should I transfer the group from Required to Uninstall? — Should it be Included or Excluded?
Please help me, thank you very much, guys. I tried to read docs and chatbot, but I still can’t uninstall it.

Posted by Anonymous member in HTMD FB Group

Answers ( 2 )

  1. Replied by Zaheen Memon

    Always Uninstall the group for uninstall. Required means it will install on the group you have assigned. Users will have no control over the available means App will show up in the company portal, and users can install it from there.

    Replied by Anonymous member

    Zaheen Memon, thanks, I get it now

  2. Replied by Amit Jha

    For uninstall, remove the group from installation and assign it to uninstall

    Replied by Anonymous member

    Amit Jha thanks. I will try this

    Replied by Anonymous member

    Amit Jha it worked!! Omg, thank you.

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