Troubleshooting Azure Hybrid Join Issues with Intune Enrollment


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I have an interesting issue. We are utilizing Azure Hybrid Join. We have a few devices that are in a state where when trying to join to Intune. It isn’t pulling a Tenant name or MDM URLs in dsregcmd /status. Also Is User Azure AD is No even though the user clearly has an account that is synced through Entra Connect. If I log in with a different user from the same tenant, the device will pull the tenant name, run the enterprise enrollment GPO and pull the MDM URLs. It’s almost like something is corrupted on the first users profile. Is there some command to run other than dsregcmd /leave to reset any settings related to Intune on the user’s account. This also is repeated across multiple machines not just this one.

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    Replied by Anonymous member

    They do. They have E5. If I sign the user into a new machine that isn’t in an error state it pulls MDM correctly. The same issue happens after running dsregcmd / leave, resyncing the device via Entra Connect and walking through the Hybrid Azure join steps. It’s like the user’s profile isn’t allowing it to clear out the old settings some way or another.

    Replied by Arto Karppinen

    Does the users have correct licenses?

    Replied by Joe Bowers

    Somethings not right with that. I’d start looking in your event viewer to see what it’s getting caught up on

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