Troubleshooting Company Portal App Closing Issue on Android Devices


Hi All,

I have a problem and unfortunately I can’t find a solution, so I’m asking for your experience.
I am currently setting up Android devices in our Intune. Google Play set up, Zero Touch set up and I’ve also set up the profile for company-only devices.
I can scan the QR code and the mobile (Samsung A-52) is installed and set up. The Intune app is installed, the company portal app is installed and Adobe Reader is also installed for testing.
If I want to start the company portal app, the app opens for a few seconds, closes and the icon disappears. The app is still available in the mobile settings and I can then close it.
I am completely in the dark. Do you have a solution?

Posted by  Stefan Trocken in HTMD FB Group

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    Replied by Owais Farooqui

    Stefan Trocken on android devices, apps that are assigned as available will be visible in managed play store only unlike iOS. So you really don’t need access to CP and hence its hidden.

    Replied by Marty James

    On Android, the Intune app is used to manage the device/policies etc, and all apps are deployed via the Play Store, so CP gets hidden.
    Which yes is different to iOS which hides the App Store and uses CP.

    Replied by Stefan Trocken

    Many Thanks! Can’t see the forest for the trees!!!


    More details Intune Company Portal App Installation from New Microsoft Store | WinGet

    Replied by Owais Farooqui

    This is expected AFAIK. Why do you want to open CP app on corporate android device? It is only there to support MAM. Its the Intune app that is used to initiate sync and apps are installed through managed play store. Company portal gets hidden right after the enrollment on these type of devices.

    Replied by Stefan Trocken

    Owais Farooqui Ah, okay! I’ve understood your answer so far.
    I’m just a bit confused, with iOS devices we use the company portal as an ‘App Store’, where apps are displayed that the user can install. We regulate which user is authorised to use which app via security groups or under the Assignments section of the apps (Required, Available for registered devices, etc.).
    Does this mean that if an app is assigned to a security group, the software is installed automatically?

    Replied by Trevor Harris

    Stefan Trocken apps can either be set to “required” or “available”. If you set the app to required, yes, it will automatically be installed. If you set it to “allowed” then the user must manually search for it in the Google Play store in order to download it.

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