Unable to deploy Microsoft 365 apps for windows 10



I am trying to deploy Microsoft 365 apps for windows 10, the status is stuck with “waiting for intall status”.

Tried deploying the app as available for enrolled devices and it doesn’t show up in company portal.

Kindly help on what can I check. I have also seen your video on M365 apps but it wasn’t clear in the troubleshooting part.

Also kindly let me know if we can upgrade the existing office 365 proplus which is already installed on the machine using this.

Kindly assist

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    Check the event logs


    Event Log – Microsoft->Windows->DeviceManagement-> Enterprise-Diagnostics-Provider/Admin

    Best answer

    Yes this won’t work .. the available deployment for device group might not work.

    The available app should be deployed to users group

    We have shown demos of this in our free intune training


      My bad may be I didn’t keep it right.

      I am deploying the apps to user collection only.

      After we click on add app in the drop down we get an option Microsoft 365 Apps -> Windows 10
      I am trying to install that. Not a LOB or a store apps.
      Store apps I am able to install individually.

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