Unable to push Win32 application to device group on Tablet devices


Hi All,

I am deploying the Win32 application in Intune to the AAD group which has devices. The devices are not able to receive the application after the sync neither as forced install nor as available in company portal install.

But if I push it via groups contains users both the deployment is working fine.

Is there any reason why the Tablet device does not receive the application if it is pushed as a device group?


Dileepan A

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    Have you checked the event logs to get more details on this issue? Are these tablets Azure AD Joined or Azure AD registered devices?

    Win32 might work only for Azure AD joined, Hybrid Azure AD joined devices?

    Always Device-based group deployment work only with the Required option (not available) if I remember correctly

    User-based deployment can be available as well. More details https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/mem/intune/configuration/device-profile-assign#user-groups-vs-device-groups

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