Understanding Win32 App Uninstall Report


Hi All,
Accidently added all users (instead of user group) to Uninstall assignment. Assignment deleted but the damage was done

User got notifications of app uninstall and some failed and some devices got app uninstalled.

Need to find out no of devices where app actually got uninstalled or failed or no action taken.


Generated report but the AppInstallerState_loc filed is confusing.

It has options :- Installed, Not Applicable, Not Installed, Uninstall Failed.

Out of which Installed And Not Installed fields are confusing. Does they refers to Install Assignment or Uninstall Assignment (means Installed refers to Devices where App Removal got triggered and completed successfully or It referes to devices where app is installed)


Please advise.


Just need to know devices where app got uninstalled in actual.




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  1. I have not looked into Intune custom reports. But the default reports … I couldn’t see any uninstall data so I assume …in your case install means uninstall of the apps.

    The following table gives better understanding I guess

    Device status Description
    Installed The number of apps installed.
    Not Installed The number of apps not installed.
    Failed The number of failed installations.
    Install Pending The number of devices that are in the process of being installed.
    Not Applicable The number of devices for which status is not applicable.

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