Update the Local Admin Password in Intune


Hi All,

Hi folks. I’m not sure if this is doable or if this is the right place to ask.
Now that we have activated LAPS via Intune, we want it to update the local admin password in Intune. Does anyone know if it’s possible and what it would take to pull this off?

Posted by Seth Zwicker in HTMD FB Group

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  1. Replied by Steven McKenzie

    That’s what laps do? Have you set up laps?
    Here is a good article if you haven’t. https://www.recastsoftware.com/…/set-up-windows-laps…/

    Replied by Seth Zwicker

    I have LAPS working properly.
    I’m just trying to see if it can be synced to ITG.

    Replied by Joe Bowers

    There’s an action you can click on for each device in Intune. Rotate the local admin password

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