Using MAM Policy with MDM Enrollment as Personally-Owned Work Profile


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Hello! I have a quick question? Is it good idea to use MAM policy + enroll to MDM as personally-owned work profile. As I understand, during enrollment, a work profile is created on the device to house work apps and work data. Personal apps and data stay separate in another part of the device and remain unaffected by Intune. So, is it really need plus MAM policy inside this work profile?

Posted by Oleg Melnychuk in HTMD FB Group

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    Replied by Ryan Matthew

    MAM policies are mostly for device you can’t manage because they are owned by end users. MAM policies allow you to manage the application and data associated with those applications.

    Replied by Mathieu Ait Azzouzene

    Ryan Matthew well I do encourage customers to use MAM instead of MDM for mobile devices. Company data are safe and phone can be personal and corporate at the same time. Having 2 mobile phones today is a complete nonsense to me, the ecological cost is huge.

    Replied by Oleg Melnychuk

    Mathieu Ait Azzouzene How about apps and resources that doesn’t support mam?

    Replied by Oleg Melnychuk

    I agree with MAM policy, and I also encourage to use MAM instead of MDM. But some apps don’t support that. And in that case additionally we need configure conditional access that check both: app protection and compliance. So, I just ask is it enough using MDM as personally-owned work profile (Android) without MAM using? Because all data and apps works in created profile? Or do I need use both MDM + MAM?

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