Weird Issue in Intune iOS Devices


Hi All,

Hey Intune Gurus, have a weird issue, Access requirements are not set up on Intune but IOS devices still ask for the pin to access apps. any ideas

Posted by Wynand Fourie in HTMD FB Group

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  1. Replied by Sanjay Mittal

    There are a few possibilities to check for Default iOS Security Settings, Previous Configuration Profiles, Intune Compliance Policies, Conditional Access Policies, App Protection policy

    Replied by Alex Durrant

    I’m not sure about this, but maybe, the app pin when the device pin is set to required. Maybe test without that being set.

    Replied by Jason ‘Beans’ Inks

    Are you looking to do just biometrics?

  2. Replied by Wynand Fourie

    Will it still work even if greyed out

    Replied by Vijay Shetti

    Wynand Fourie It is greyed out and auto-selected as Require because you set The “Device PIN for access” the first one as “not required”.Make it “require” Let the users use the simple PIN for the device, and you will get an option to set “App PIN when device PIN is set” as not required. As you are using an app protection policy you need to allow PIN somewhere, or else how can it protect the app?

    Replied by Wynand Fourie

    ok let me test that thank you

  3. Replied by Vijay Shetti

    App PIN when device PIN is set- you set it as required. Make it as not required and test.

    Replied by Wynand Fourie

    It is currently set to not required, but the apps still ask for a PIN to access, The same policy is on Android, and Android does not ask for a PIN to access apps.

    Replied by Vijay Shetti

    Wynand Fourie check your screenshot, I am not talking about the first line, I am talking about the 11th line.. it is set as required,

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