What are the install Command and Uninstall Command in Intune 32 win App


Hi All,

Has anyone ever deployed RStudio as a Win32 App on Intune? If so, could you please tell me what the install command and uninstall command are?
I have tried re-deploying many times with different commands but still the same result. My RStudio appeared on the Company Portal, I clicked Install, the download bar ran from 0% to 100% and then said Failed.
I guess the reason for the failure is because of the commands. I tried contacting the app vendor, but they only support the premium product, and I don’t have that.
Any help is appreciated! Thank you so much!

Posted by  Caenapo Sanada in HTMD FB Group

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  1. Replied by Stuart Jardine

    You may also need R for Windows

    Replied by Jiří Muaddib Burda

    I used to use Silet install hq package and it was working fine

  2. Replied by Peter Cashen

    Install through Chocolatey…

    Replied by Mark Layton

    Peter Cashenpush Chocolatey Package via Intune? Which then installs R and R studio, correct?

    Replied by Peter Cashen

    Mark Layton Yeah, I’ve got different Win32 packages containing a script to install different apps via Chocolatey.
    I have the actual chocolatey package as a dependency on the app package.
    The package for R installs R, R Studio and R Tools, then does some config around the repo that R can use and does a few extra bits.
    We have the R packages all coming through Nexus and getting checked and then signed with our cert.
    We then allow packages signed with that cert to run via AppLocker…

  3. Replied by Papa Kash

    Rickard Brander to me, seems like an uninstall program. What about the install program?

    Replied by Rickard Brander

    Papa Kash, I use winget when I install it:
    $AppID = “Posit.RStudio”
    winget.exe install -e –id $AppID –scope=machine –silent –accept-source-agreements –accept-package-agreements
    But it is a little more complex when it runs via intune

    Replied by Keith Dibling

    Is it .exe or .msi?

    Replied by Caenapo Sanada

    Keith Dibling It’s a .exe package. I tried to find the .msi package, but I couldn’t.

  4. Replied by Rickard Brander

    Or this: Start-Process “C:Program FilesRStudioUninstall.exe” -ArgumentList “/S

    Replied by Caenapo Sanada

    Thank you for your reply. Where should I use it?

    Replied by Rickard Brander

    Caenapo Sanada, I have that line in a .ps1 file, and in Intune under Uninstall Command have this line:
    Powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -file .Undeploy.ps1

    Replied by Turf Ringberg

    Rickard Brander, I use the same command.

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