What are the Procedures to Bypass IP phone Devices from the Conditional Access


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I want to add a MS Teams account to a new Yeahlink T55A phone device. The account has conditional access restriction to android o/s and i cannot login. Is there any procedure that i can bypass the ip phone devices from the conditional access? Thank you!

Posted by  Dimitris Topkas in HTMD FB Group

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    Replied by Dimitris Topkas

    Anthony Ferino I have checked the log files and the tab CA is empty. Also in the Basic info mentions “For security reasons, user confirmation is required for this request. Please repeat the request allowing user interaction.”

    Replied by Nico Heber

    Check sign in logs of the User. There you will See the error if it is CA issue.
    Also check if the User is possible to register the device to Intune. This was Our last issue with phone devices.

    Replied by Marty James

    Nico Heber yeah we were same with Teams Collab Bar. It ran Android in Device Admin mode so had to create enrollment restriction to allow the team’s user to enroll the bar


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    Replied by Marty James

    Possibly create a device group, add the Yealink device to it, and the exclude the device group from the CA policy.
    Or if the CA targets users, then create a User group, add the user account, and exclude that group from the CA

    Replied by Dimitris Topkas

    Marty James i have tried the second one. I have assigned all users and i exclude my account from the policy. This does not work.

    Replied by Muntazir Hussain

    Dimitris Topkas what was the solution for this dear ? Did you get resolved with the issue ?

    Replied by Anthony Ferino

    Marty James Check the sign in logs in AAD for your test user, specifically the conditional access tab. It’ll tell you which policy is blocking the login.

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