What are the Use Cases that will be served by Intune- ServiceNow integration



Is there a list of Use cases that will be served by IntuneĀ  – ServiceNow Use cases ( e.g Device onboarding/offboarding/retirement), Modification, Application Installation/removal etc.


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  1. You can use Microsoft Graph API to automate Intune tasks. I think this is the way ServiceNow connects with Intune.

    You can automate the app deployment and policy deployment tasks through AD groups for Azure AD joined devices. I hope some of your AD groups are synced with Azure AD. This is only usable if policies are apps are deployed to AD user groups.

    If you are using Azure AD device groups for Intune deployment then it’s going to be a bit tricky. This is because Azure AD joined devices records are not available in on-prem AD. So you need to hook with Azure AD using Graph API and then deploy policies to device-based deployments. Or you can have dynamic device groups based on Group Tags to automate device deployments from Intune.


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