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cloudPC Microsoft
cloudPC Microsoft

As per a ZDNet article by Mary Jo Foley

Microsoft Cloud PC is a strategic, new offering that is built on top of Windows Virtual Desktop to delivering Desktop as a Service. At its core, Cloud PC provides business customers a modern, elastic, cloud-based Windows experience and will allow organizations to stay current in a more simplistic and scalable manner

Thanks to Walking Cat for providing all this information https://twitter.com/_h0x0d_/status/1324182665893875712

Deschutes deschutes.microsoft.com

Cloud Workspace is a cloud based end user compute service that provides productivity, security, and collaboration benefits of Microsoft 365. It’s managed alongside physical devices, through Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune) using the same tools and processes that Endpoint managers are familiar with.

But we don’t know how the connectivity back to On-prem apps works in the CloudPC world.. how can we manage these CloudPCs with Intune, etc…




CloudPC Offering

More details about CloudPC and WVD connection https://www.zdnet.com/article/microsoft-is-working-on-an-azure-powered-cloud-pc-service/


“OK”: “OK”,
“close”: “Close”,
“next”: “Next”,
“previous”: “Previous”,
“error-unCatchedError-title”: “UnCatchedError”,
“error-unCatchedError-text”: “Run page gets error, please try again later.”,
“error-noDevices-title”: “Setting up your workspace”,
“error-noDevices-text”: “Check back later to see workspaces assigned to you.”,
“error-serverError-title”: “Can’t reach the server”,
“error-serverError-text”: “Something happened and we can’t connect to your workspace. Wait a bit, then try again.”,
“error-unAuthorizedError-title”: “User unauthorized”,
“error-unAuthorizedError-info”: “User unauthorized, please check the login user.”,
“header-language”: “Language”,
“homepage-subTitle”: “Work smarter. Work from anywhere”,
“homepage-mainTitle”: {
“value”: “Welcome to workspace, {{name}}”,
“comment”: “It’s the main title for the page, and {{name}} will be replaced by the user name”
“workspace-label”: “My Workspaces”,
“footer-text”: “Choose your device to download Microsoft Remote Desktop.”,
“guid-startButtonText”: “Get started”,
“guid-nextButtonText”: “next”,
“guid-introTitle”: “Welcome to CMD IWP”,
“guid-introText”: “Access your work apps and programs online, from any device.”,
“guid-firstStepTitle”: “First step”,
“guid-firstStepText”: {
“value”: “First step you need xxxx”,
“comment”: “We are not sure this content. You can not translate this now.”
“guid-secondStepTitle”: “Second step”,
“guid-secondStepText”: {
“value”: “Second step you need xxxx”,
“comment”: “We are not sure this content now. You can not translate this now.”
“guid-thirdStepTitle”: “Third step”,
“guid-thirdStepText”: {
“value”: “Third step you need xxxx”,
“comment”: “We are not sure this content now. You can not translate this now.”
“connectbutton-bubble-title”: “Connect with your workspace in the brower”,
“connectbutton-bubble-text”: “By clicking this button, you can connect your workspace in a new tab.”,
“workspace-bubble-title”: “Your workspace is ready for you”,
“workspace-bubble-text”: “It has all the apps you need, with no additional set up.”,
“workspace-secondBubble-title”: “Connect from your browser”,
“workspace-secondBubble-text”: “Choose connect and sign in with your work account.”,
“upgrade-panelText”: “Change configuration”,
“upgrade-selection”: “Select an option”,
“upgrade-select-errorMsg”: “You’ve used all the options avialable for your account.”,
“upgrade-dialog-title”: “Changes will take effect soon”,
“upgrade-dialog-text”: “We’ll send you a notification when it’s ready.”,
“upgrade-actionCompleted-notification”: “Applying changes to {{workspaceName}}. We’ll let you know when it’s ready.”,
“upgrade-actionFailed-notification”: “Applying changes to {{workspaceName}} failed. Please try again later.”,
“upgrade-alreadyHaveLicense-notification”: “Applying changes to {{workspaceName}} failed. You already have target device.”,
“upgrade-tenantHasNoLicense-notification”: “Applying changes to {{workspaceName}} failed. Your tenant don’t have license.”,
“upgrade-userUpgradeInProgress-notification”: “Applying changes to {{workspaceName}} failed. Upgrading is already in progress.”,
“upgrade-success-notification”: “{{workspaceName}} is upgraded success. You can use it now.”,
“upgrade-fail-notification”: “{{workspaceName}} failed. Please try again later.”,
“profile-medium-level”: “Medium”,
“profile-medium-profileName”: “2 vCPU 4GB RAM 96GB SSD”,
“profile-medium-text”: “General purpose optimized for cost and flexibilty”,
“profile-heavy-level”: “Heavy”,
“profile-heavy-profileName”: “2 vCPU 8GB RAM 96GB SSD”,
“profile-heavy-text”: “Advanced compute needs optimized for performance and speed”,
“profile-advanced-level”: “Advanced plan”,
“profile-advanced-profileName”: “8 GB RAM, 3 vCPU, 40 GB SSD”,
“profile-advanced-text”: “Accelerated graphics optimized for scability and data processing”,
“loading-tips”: {
“value”: “Loading Deschutes…”,
“comment”: “We are not sure this content now since we need to avoid using ‘Cloud PC’. So we choose to use our project code ‘Deschutes’. You don’t need to translate this now.”
“open-in-browser”: “Open in browser”,
“open-native-app”: “Open in Remote Desktop app”,
“Windows-64-bit”: “Windows 64-bit”,
“Windows-32-bit”: “Windows 32-bit”,
“Windows-ARM64”: “Windows ARM64”,
“Mac”: “Mac”,
“install-title”: “You need Remote Desktop to open this workspace on”,
“install-description”: “Don’t have Remote Desktop? Get it now.”,
“restart”: “Restart workspace”,
“restart-tips”: “Restarting…”,
“restart-action-success”: “Restart successfully!”,
“restart-action-create-success”: “Start restarting!”,
“restart-action-create-error-device”: “Restart failed. It’s not your device.”,
“restart-action-create-error-device-info”: “Restart failed. We can’t get your device info.”,
“restart-action-create-error-ongoing”: “Restart failed. There is already an action in execution.”,
“restart-action-create-error-common”: “Restart failed. Service Error.”,
“more”: “more”,
“cancel”: “cancel”,
“download-button”: {
“value”: “download for {{type}}”,
“comment”: “this means the download for what kind of system, such as download for Windows, the values of type include: Windows, Mac, IOS and Android”
“page-index”: {
“value”: “{{current}} of {{total}}”,
“comment”: “What this sentence means is the current page of the total page, such as 1 of 2. Current and total will be replaced by number.”
“loading-deschutes”: “Loading Deschutes…”,
“more-operation”: “More Operation”,
“product-logo”: “product logo”,
“loading-spinner”: “loading spinner”,
“microsoft-logo”: “microsoft logo”

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