What is the best way to change Hybrid joined devices to Azure joined only?


What would you suggest to move the Hybrid joined machine completely to Azure AD joined.

I am testing a scenario here where I have migrated machines from Co-management to Intune.

But now I want to make these Hybrid joined machines as Azure Joined machines.


I think we have to reset and then  again enroll the device to make it Azure Ad only


What are the possible options we have here?

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  1. Yes that is why we should be very careful when we select the option to go modern management method. It’s always better to start with azure ad join even though this can slow down the adoption

  2. I think the only option is to rebuild PCs. I don’t know what you meant by reset ?

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      I mean rebuild only, used the wrong term there.

      I wish there could be another option.

      Now, I am worried about what I will do when tomorrow’s clients come up with this request (Change the device from Hyrbird joined to Azure AD only).

      Thanks, Anoop!

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