What is the Reason for Decreasing the Successful Installation Count of Devices in Company Portal


Hi All,

company portal installed successfully last month around 6K devices but yesterday when I checked the status 4k devices successful and remaining devices failure. Day by day the successful count is decreasing .Any one faces the same issue.

Posted by Ramu Kola in HTMD FB Group

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    Replied by Zaheen Memon

    Ramu Kola Required or available? Autopilot devices? Windows 10 or Windows 11? Deployed it to Dynamic Autopilot group or All devices?

    Replied by Ramu Kola

    Zaheen Memon it’s required and it’s dynamic group for all devices for windows 10 .co-managed devices and Autopilot devices

    Replied by Jeffrey Brinston

    Are these iOS devices? Is Company Portal being installed from the app store or did you purchase license in ABM with the VPP?


    Fore More Details Latest Method to Install Intune Company Portal App for Windows Devices

    Replied by Ismail Kirik

    I’ve got the same issue since 2-3 weeks. All of the MS store apps stopped installing on autopilot devices and all of them are required. Since a week I deleted the company portal app and install it offline as a win32 app. That’s installing fine, but still all other MS store apps are failing.

    Replied by Ramu Kola

    Ismail Kirik it could be possible that a higher version of the company portal is getting installed .Need to deep dive on this

    Replied by Ramu Kola

    It’s windows devices, Installed the company portal through Microsoft new store apps and published to all devices

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