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I have some installations which needs to be installed as user. For example installing certificates in user store or installing VPN always on profile. The VPN profile itself needs to run under system context as it needs admin rights. The settings for encryption are required to be in user context as otherwise system says no profile found.
With SCCM i can install a package under system and a script under user creds and make dependancies.

Does anyone have an idea how to fix via Intune?
Doing it via PHS script is not really an option because that is fire and forget and you cannot make dependancies for that.

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    It depends on app also .. isn’t it


    hmm i was sure that it installed under system context instead of user when i tested last time but seems to work now. So created 2 packages. 1 for system to install the profile and 1 for user to install crypto settings. Made dependancy for it. Thnx!


    Sure most of the organizations are deploying VPN and encryption policies using Intune.

    Maybe I’m missing something here… This option is already under install behavior?

    I think I explained this in video

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