Win32 App Status shows : Install Pending…



For most of the users, Win32 App Status shows : Install Pending…whereas App is installed successfully.

Basically a ps1 script was wrapped in .intunewin file to modify some settings related to lock screen wallpaper in registry.

IME Logs Findings..

[Win32App][ActionProcessor] App with id: 969034d3-7f1e-46bd-b706-7a99c7dd52bb to install is in GRS. The app will not be enforced.

[Win32App][StatusServiceReportsStore] Saved AppInstallStatusReport for user 32f9e6d2-b482-4e1d-8e9d-575d55658199 for app 969034d3-7f1e-46bd-b706-7a99c7dd52bb in the StatusServiceReports registry.

[Win32App][RealTimeStatusManager] Not sending status update for user with id: 32f9e6d2-b482-4e1d-8e9d-575d55658199 and app: 969034d3-7f1e-46bd-b706-7a99c7dd52bb because there is currently no subscriber for status updates.

[Win32App][GRSManager] Saved GRS value: 05/05/2023 05:10:04 to path: 32f9e6d2-b482-4e1d-8e9d-575d55658199GRSo8DNVstHwaPSlg7U5Z5LEmjsqWV6XO1gqowxPrys6KQ=969034d3-7f1e-46bd-b706-7a99c7dd52bb


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    Thanks for the Answer.
    The subsequent link is broken….no longer accessible.
    It is simple .ps1 script file , which we called of in .intunewin file.


    Hi Deepak,

    Inside the Win32 app, are you using a script or something else? Can you share those in detail?

    Instead of using Win32 format, you can directly create a policy and apply it.

    Please check the below link.

    Set a default Screensaver

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