Windows 10/11 in Hybrid Join + Intune Enrollment


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Let’s say we have Windows 10/11 in Hybrid Join + Intune Enrollment.
If we remove the device OU in AAD Connect sync, what will happen?
– is it going to be deleted in Azure AD?
– is it going to be deleted in Intune?
What should we do if ever we want to unenroll in Intune a Hybrid joined device?
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    Replied by Sean Kinnee

    I haven’t done it, but as I understand it…
    If you stop the sync, it stops syncing.
    Non destructive, cleanup is manual.

    Replied by Mark Andrew



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    Replied by Simon Lee

    It’ll just stop those devices syncing from the OU…

    Replied by Tijaun Daniel

    Simon Lee This

    Replied by Per Larsen

    Devices will be removed from Entra.
    Bitlocker recovery keys in Entra will be gone.
    Windows Hello for Businnes will stop working, and need to be destructive destroyed on the device if you sync the device to Entra again at some point.
    Intune will not be effected at first, but device. Sync will stop working.
    Devices will not have a compliance state anymore – in case of conditional access your users will loose access to corporate data.

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