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Hello, I am trying to deploy kiosk mode to a Windows 10 device via autopilot. So far, I can sign in as a guest user & have deployed Edge & LibreOffice to the desktop, I have also configured a screen to sign out after 5 minutes of inactivity & tidied down the settings app. I would also like to tie down the Microsoft App Store, which doesn’t seem to be having much luck – I would like a basic setup where users can not install whatever they want or sign in. Also, I am trying to configure Edge so that it does not go through the initial start-up screens/options to configure & that it just loads a particular website – any help would be much appreciated – thank you

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  1. Replied by Tijaun Daniel

    Edge startup is controlled by admx templates or is found in administrative templates in Endpoint mapper configuration profiles for Windows

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    Tijaun Daniel, thank you – I will take a look

    Replied by Tijaun Daniel

    For Microsoft store, you need to use app locker rules for appx via omauri string and just block access.

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