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I am working on Windows 10 Rings and Feature update scenario now.

1) Windows 10 Ring is created and configured with “Feature update deferral period (days) is set to 0” and deployed to devices. I do see the changes in registry.

2) Created Windows 10 feature update Profile to deploy 2004 and targeted to devices. Not sure which registry to check.

However I don’t see any feature update 2004 being downloaded or installed from Windows update. Did I miss anything here ? could you please help me.

My current Windows version is 1909



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    I have excluded the device from Windows 10 Update Rings and tried to deploy the v2004 from Windows 10 Feature update policy. It shows as ‘Failed’ status in ‘End user update status’ tab.
    On my device it shows that 2004 upgrade is available and I can Download & Install it.

    Will excluding from the Update ring policy work to make it deploy under Feature update policy? Any thoughts please.


    Yes it should I explained above

  1. It depends on the devices and also depends how the Microsoft update system picks up your devices for controlled upgrade (highly randomised) depending on the internal rings and behavioural pattern of users …

    If your user is a seeker, that user shall get update sooner than others … what did mean by seeker ? Well, it’s going to settings page and seeking for any updates … by manually clicking on the button …

    This could also depends whether you device hardware has some known issue which Microsoft is aware and to prevent bigger deployment issues they blocked updates on the device.


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      Thanks Anoop. Windows 10 1909 I built is actually 90 days evaluation version and hosted in Hyper-V. I am not sure whether 2004 feature upgrade is restricted by Microsoft if hosted in Hyper-V or something. But my doubt is in production environment, ideally the settings I made should upgrade windows 10 to 2004 right ?


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