Windows 10 update rings – Way to find security updates pushed to devices



I have configured Windows update rings in my environment with all required fields.

I need to understand, is there any way, what is the latest security updates pushed on the devices via Intune.

This can be done via SCCM. But we are using standalone Intune and I am not able to find that information from Intune.

When I checked on one of the device September month patch got installed and status of the machine is “up to date”.

How can I analyze and confirm what updates will be rolled out as a part of October month patch cycle and is it a way to take report from Intune?



Dileepan A

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  1. There is no out of box Intune patch reports, unlike SCCM.

    For Intune you need to use log analytics with Windows Update Analytics to get the patching reports.

    Use Update Compliance

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